Will the clouds clear out enough to be able to view this moon?

Usually when you talk about a Harvest Moon, you're talking about the event happening in September but this one appears on the 2017 calendar in October. An occurrence that only happens every three years.

Moons date back to prehistoric times when civilizations used them to track time. In April, the full moon is known as the Pink Moon due to its arrival near the time when pink phlox blooms. Strawberry Moon is June's full moon which means it's time for the strawberries to ripen.

Of course the Harvest Moon normally appears in September to signify the Autumnal equinox but this year's full moon nearest that event is the one that will take place on October 5.

The Harvest Moon is special because it rises early, just after sunset. It also appears larger and brighter than normal, and tends to have a orange or yellow glow. The moon will appear full for several days after it rises, so there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy this year’s Harvest Moon.

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