I went to visit my dear friends Andrea "Moonbeam" Schnetzler and Darrell "Oats" Tindal that I met on a cross country road rally last year. They have a wonderful booth in the Agriculture Building at The Missouri State Fair. Their company's names are The Berry Nutty Farm and  Granola Jones which they purchased in 2013 where they came up with a couple of their own granola flavors. Now if you like some spice in your life then try the "Spice-A-Delic".  Other flavors they have are PB & B, which is Peanut Butter, Peanuts and Banana. There is also Mocha Haze, Gateway Granola, Pistach-A-Colada, Spiked Fruit and my favorite French Toast. Now when you mix the French Toast with their Apple Butter the flavoring is off the charts!!!! Granola Jones was awarded Entrepreneurs of the Year as well as Manufacturer of the year. Granola Jones has been recognized by Better Homes & Gardens as one of the top 8 granolas in the nation!!!  Peace, Love, Granola!

Then the other half of the business is The Berry Nutty Farm. They started this business in 2010. These are gourmet fruit spreads. They are just delicious! Some of the names are Blueberry Spread, American Picnic Spread, Dueling Berries Spread and  Road Trip Spread. These gourmet spreads use different combinations of Strawberry, peaches, raspberry, blackberry and apples.


What is really wonderful about these products they are all natural foods that are made in Independence, MO. The granolas are low in sugar, low fat and low in salt. They do their best to get all their ingrediants locally if possible. The pecans are from Missouri. The Blackberry's come from Andrea's Grandfathers farm in Boonville, MO.


A quote from Andrea..."I started making homemade granola for my guy to take to work as a mid-day snack. After many rave reviews, I began to dream up ways I could turn my love of simple, delicious food into a full-time career.  I did all that fun (and slightly nerve-wracking) start-up stuff. And in May 2010, I took to the Overland Park Farmers Market for the first time. As I began to develop a following (we call them Chowheads) I decided to take the leap and make my full-time career. That was in January 2011. Thousands of bags and millions of oats later, is now poised to please the taste buds of tree huggers and granola lovers everywhere. "


So when you are walking through the buildings, please stop by and see my friends and check out their products in the Agriculture Building and tell them Kevin sent you. They have some wonderful samples to try, too.

If you don't have a chance to see them at the fair you can check out their products online...

www.eatgranolajones.com        for the granola

www.theberrynuttyfarm.com    for the gourmet fruit spreads.


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