Grace Pauline Kelley, the daughter of Wynonna Judd and her first husband, Arch Kelley III, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for a probation violation. The 22-year-old has been sent to the West Tennessee State Penitentiary.

RadarOnline reports that a warrant for Grace Pauline Kelley, for probation violation, was issued on Nov. 22, 2017, after she left her court-mandated rehabilitation program on Nov. 19. "The defendant was terminated from the recovery court program on Nov. 21, 2017," explains a Williamson County spokesperson. "A warrant for probation violation was ... served on Dec. 16, 2017."

Kelley's probation was officially revoked on Feb. 8, 2018. Her official prison release date is now scheduled for Aug. 10, 2025, but she will be eligible for parole on Feb. 4, 2019, and will likely only serve 30 percent of her sentence.

Kelley's legal and drug troubles go back years: She and a man named Richard Wilcutt were arrested back in December of 2015 in Nashville, at a Walgreens, and charged with the felony of promotion of meth manufacture. In May of 2016, she pleaded guilty to possession of meth, a lesser charge. That November, Kelley was arrested in Alabama, as a fugitive; her probation was revoked, and her case was transferred to drug court.

Kelley's broken probation jail time directly stems from a series of drug-related charges from 2017: On May 26 of that year, she pleaded guilty to manufacturing, delivering, selling and possessing methamphetamine with the intent to distribute in Williamson County Court in Williamson County, Tenn. She was also charged with manufacturing and delivering meth in Maury County, Tenn. -- the county to the south of Williamson County -- but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of possession.

At that time, a judge ordered Kelley to pay a fine of $3,092.50; her balance is now $3,273.50, RadarOnline reports. She was also sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in jail, but the sentence was suspended, as was a four-year sentence for evading arrest. All of her jail time was to be served on probation, after she completed 30 days in jail in March of 2017, under the condition that she complete that 180-day in-house rehab program.

Judd and Arch Kelley III were married from December of 1994 through 1998; in addition to Grace Pauline Kelley, they also have a son, Elijah Judd, together. Wynonna Judd is now married to fellow musician Cactus Moser.

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