Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are the definition of couple goals. The husband and wife team can be found side by side most of the time, whether it's during a tour stop or press conference. What can they say? They just like being together.

"We like to be together. We don't like to be apart," Yearwood admits in an interview with the Boot. The couple will celebrate thirteen years of marriage in December.

"We didn't get married to be apart, so we're gonna be together all the time," Brooks adds, agreeing with his wife. "Let's say she announces her tour supporting this new music. Well, I'll be with her in the cities where she's at, and I'll be where she's playing. Hopefully nothing's really gonna change for us."

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The married couple were together night after night on Brooks' three-and-a-half-year World Tour, a bill which also boasted Yearwood. "It was very nice to have a part of the show where you introduce everybody's favorite person," he says. "I mean, she's got more Grammys than I do. She'll come out and just put me to shame with all that talent."


Now back in Nashville, the couple are focusing on their individual projects, but that doesn't mean they'll go their separate ways. Yearwood says when Brooks performs at Notre Dame Stadium, she'll be right by his side.

"I will be with him in Notre Dame, but I'm not on the ticket," she explains. "I'm going to make sure he stays sane! I'm kidding. Most things we do as Garth and Trisha, but there are also things we do that's 'Garth stuff' and 'Trisha stuff,' that's separate."

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