You was a long day battling with teachers, lockers, homework assignments that the dog ate, and those pop quizzes. But after school you knew you could find solace with your favorite go to after school treat. What was yours?

In high school on a normal afternoon after the bell rang, I would head home and head straight to the kitchen. It was time to re-energize!

It was a loaf of Wonder or Butternut bread, a jar of peanut butter, a banana and a toaster. More times than not I would have made Elvis smile! Peanut butter on toast with sliced bananas. Of course, a tall glass of milk was included in the mix to wash down the concoction. Now if the bananas weren't available, my second go to snack was a good old fasioned PB & J. Hard to beat a classic!

Of course along the way there were other snacks that was included in the mix for a growing (and always hungry) teenager. In fact if it was on the shelf or in the 'frig, it was fair game.

What was yours?




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