Sometimes the very best stuff on Facebook comes from unlikely police departments. 

The Warrensburg Police Department

The Warrensburg Police Department regular makes some of the best Facebook post. Funny comments and great hashtags. For example: #dontbeajackwagon, #thealleyishnotyourpersonaltoilet, #ifyouhaveawarrantwedontcall, #neitherwillthefeds and #knockknock.

The Moberly Police Department

This one was from a while back, but it's a classic. "If you absolutely must sell illegal drugs in our lobby, please request an officer to assist you with your transaction" Nice, Moberly Police Department.

The O'Fallon Police Department

The O'Fallon Police Department came up with unique Halloween costumes for officers, and a cute reminder on the importance of bundling up when it's cold outside.

Harrisonville Police Department

It's hard to resist a blooper video, right? Things didn't go exactly as planned when the Harrisonville Police Department tried filming videos for their Shop With a Cop program. "It's pretty obvious that none of us will be getting that call from Hollywood asking us to begin our acting career." They're not kidding.

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