If there's one thing I've learned over my years in radio, it's how to move. This marks the 13th move I've made, and the 11th for my wife Kathy. We've lived in Chicago (2), Champaign (3), Joliet, Morris (2), Lansigng, Lafayette, Lubbock, Davenport and Warrensburg makes 13. If there's one thing we've gotten good at it's moving.

As I sit among an ever growing pile of boxes as we pack up our life in Davenport for Warrensburg, here's five moving tips I've learned over the years:

  1. Save your moving boxes if you can. If you're only moving once every decade or so this isn't that important. However, if you find yourself in a situation where your job can take you different places every couple of years this will save you money. One cavaet, it only works if you have a place to store empty boxes. They take up a lot of room even collapsed. That said, boxes in generally in good condition can last four to five moves.
  2. Pack yourself. The last move we had the movers pack us. Unfortunately, we didn't have them unpack us. Their labeling left much to be desired which meant we spent months opening boxes looking for stuff that wasn't in them. In fact there's a closet full of packed boxes that we never opened here in Davenport because we got so sick of wasting time to find that one thing thoot we couldn't find we finally just waved the white surrender flag. You pack yourself, you're a little more in control of what's packed with what, and you'll have a better chance of finding what you need.
  3. Label everything. You can thank me later for this. This move we're being very detailed with labeling what's in the boxes. Especially when something like our collection of TV and DVD player remotes ends up in a box with kitchen pots and pans. Don't ask about that. Just know we know exactly what box contains the pots and pans and TV remotes.
  4. There will always be something else to pack. My Mom and my Aunt Peggy came to help pack today. They tackled the kitchen and did a great job. That said, I spent about an hour after they left putting the finishing touches on packing the kitchen. There always seems to be one more thing that needs to be packed. That's just moving. It seems never ending.
  5. Keep a good mover on speed dial. You find a moving company or a "guy" whose your mover, they're worth their weight in gold. You'll pay less. They know your stuff. And they may even help you out when you have that rough unexpected move. My guy once knocked a lot of my bill because I could score him tickets to an Ohio State Football Game. He also once let me pay him in installments.

Moving is tough. That said, I'm excited for our new life in Sedalia and Warrensburg. I can't wait to experience a Royals game. Checking out the places in downtown Warrensburg. But most of all, I'm looking forward to coming home from work on a Friday afternoon, sliding into my recliner and cooconing with Kathy while we catch up on our favorite TV shows.

Hopefully these tips will help your next move go smoothly.

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