I'm in a certain Facebook group that centers around Sedalia's vocal chords. Yesterday, the official Facebook page of Family Farm and Home posted this in the forum.

Family Farm and Home via Facebook
Family Farm and Home via Facebook

"Hint #2!
Does this help you narrow down where our NEW location will be opening? Stay tuned for another hint later this week!"

Earlier, they posted a different hint:

Family Farm and Home via Facebook
Family Farm and Home via Facebook

That sure LOOKS like that's two big hints they're coming to Sedalia.

I'm not too familiar with their stores, but here's their message:

Family Center Farm & Home has been family owned and operated since the first store opened in 1965. Over the years, Family Center Farm & Home has continued to grow. We currently have stores in Harrisonville, Missouri; Butler, Missouri; Rolla, Missouri; St. Joseph, Missouri and Paola, Kansas.

The current location of the corporate office in Harrisonville, Missouri, is part of the family owned Mill-Walk Mall. This location is also home to our Harrisonville, Missouri store. In addition to maintaining the largest and most current inventory for customers, the store has continued to push the envelope in regards to electronic enhancements.

Family owned and operated are not just words for Family Center Farm & Home. The Mills Family is part of the everyday decisions that make the stores a place to get quality merchandise at a competitive price.

From unique to necessary, we have it!

You know what, it sounds great to me.  The building should be put to good use!

Facebookingly yours,


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