Tonight (Aug. 17) will be one of the craziest nights of Bull Riding. It is The Extreme Bull Riding Competition at The State Fair Arena in the southwest part of the Fairgrounds over by the Sheep Pavilion and FFA Building at 7 p.m. Here are some photos of the guys from their Meet and Greet at Gene's Boots and Hats.  They'll be wrestling with some of the bulls tonight. Go out and enjoy this exciting event. These young men were the nicest of people you could meet.

Now I am not going to name names here, but while they were at Gene's Boots and Hats, a young lady told one of the Bull Riding Cowboy's that if he would put on a nice looking white lace dress she would buy it. Being fun-loving and willing to make a sale at almost whatever expense, he did it. I saw the picture and got quite the laugh. I told him he should show that that shot to the bull tonight just before he rides the hell out of the bull. It might get him a higher score.

Tonight, a lot of the Cowboys will be wearing a "Save Tuffy the Clown" shirt at the rodeo in support of Tuffy who has been banned by The Missouri State Fair for life after wearing an Obama mask in the ring.  See you at the fair!

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