No telling how many birthday parties we have attended through our lifetime, including our own celebrations. At pretty much every birthday party, there's cake. Have you ever stopped in between bites and wondered...why is that?

According to a story on, it all goes back to years and years ago, and we can thank the Greeks for the concoction of eggs, sugar, and flour (and icing, of course!). 

Here's how it all took place...the Greeks actually borrowed this from the Egyptians, but that's long as we still get to eat cake. The Egyptians thought that when Pharaohs were crowned, they became Gods, or in other words, it was the birth as a god...thus celebration time.

Now this is where the Greeks come into the picture. They borrowed the tradition with a twist. They thought the celebration should include a desert but not just any desert but a moon-shaped cakes as a tribute to the goddess of the moon, Artemis. To make the cake shine  like the moon, they added candles.

So now you know the official reason why we have cake with candles on our birthdays!

Birthday cake with candles lit

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