If you're a coffee drinker, finding that perfect blend is like searching for the holy grail. Maybe you've had it a time or two, but wouldn't it be great if you could make it all the time?

Getting out of bed is tough enough in the morning. For those that are coffee drinkers, that first cup of Joe seems to set your mood for the day. It can either make you or break you. You may take it black or with a shot of cream and sugar. However you decide to drink it, most of us need a little help with making that first cup worthwhile.

If you're struggling with that cup of coffee at home in the morning, maybe some of these tips will help you.

1.  Grinding your own coffee. Yep, that's right. Get yourself a grinder and do it yourself. The reason being is you want to wait til that last moment to grind coffee so you can brew it. It has something to do with the oxidation of the bean. The longer you wait to grind the beans, the more the flavor of the bean will be not as fresh. So wait until the last possible moment to grind the beans.

2.  Store the beans in an airtight container.

3.  Buy smaller bags of coffee beans. You may be getting a deal on a bigger bag but by the time you grind the beans in the bottom of the bag, they've most likely started to get a little stale.

4.  Finally, if your coffee is tasting a little weak, try grinding your coffee a bit finer.

Now, I'm no expert on making the perfect cup of coffee but I have done a little research. A lot of this information came from an article on eatthis.com. Click on the link to find more good tips for your next cup.

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