We are a culture completely brainwashed by romantic movies, from "The Notebook" to "Maid in Manhattan".  Yeah, I said it . . . even "Maid in Manhattan".

A new Valentine's Day survey asked Americans if they believe in SOULMATES . . . and the overwhelming response is YES.  Check it out . . .

76% believe everyone has a soulmate out there.

People under 35 are even MORE likely to believe in soulmates . . . 84% say everyone has one out there.

65% say you know RIGHT AWAY when you meet your soulmate.

38% of people say they think they might've seen their soulmate across the room and regret not going up and introducing themselves.

And on a bummer note, 36% of people who believe in soulmates say they haven't found theirs yet . . . and 71% of them don't believe they'll find that person this year.   Meanwhile, only about two-thirds of Americans claim to have found one.

According to a survey conducted for Princess Cruises, 36 percent say they haven’t yet met their soul mate, and of that group, seven in ten don’t believe it will happen this year.

However, that doesn’t mean that people without that “special someone” are ready to throw in the towel. Overall,  Americans believe that everyone’s got a soul mate either now or in the future, while most say it takes an average of four relationships to get to that person.

What do you make of all this?  Do you believe in soulmates? Have you met the person you'd call your soulmate? If you have, tell us the story about when you knew they were The One.  We'll get all romantical and discuss your anonymous answers on the air while you get points to win prizes!

Valentinely yours,

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