What will 184 million Americans be doing Sunday, February 1?

If you're like most people, you'll be tuned in to Super Bowl 49, according to the National Retail Federation, which polled 6,375 consumers for its annual spending survey.

Watching the game between the Super Bowl 48 champs Seattle Seahawks and challenger New England Patriots isn't all what Americans will be doing. The NRF says that each viewer will spend an average of $77.88 on various football-related sundries, be it athletic wear, electronics, food or drink.  Whether it has to do with the economy or people on a pre-Super Bowl high, that's almost ten dollars more per viewer than last year.

All told, it means a boost of $14.3 billion to the economy.

As for what the most important part of the entire Super Bowl experience is for viewers, less than half -- 46.8 percent -- said the game itself while 41.3 percents claim it's the commercials and having friends and family over.  The remainder -- 11.9 percent -- are most excited about the halftime show featuring Katy Perry.

So, what about you? What part of the Super Bowl experience are you looking forward to most?   Are you hosting a party, going to one, or just staying home?  What's your favorite part of the whole thing? Tell me all about it and we'll talk about your answers on the air!

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