Can't get an annoying song out of your head? Researchers at the University of London discovered potential "cures" for what they refer to as involuntary musical imagery, otherwise known as earworms.

Many know the all-too-common circumstances: you hear a tune that sticks in your brain, whether it’s for hours or even days. Participants were surveyed in two laboratories in Finland and the United Kingdom. While most found their earworm experiences to be "neutral or pleasant," they still implement methods of coping with it.  Researchers found the most popular ways of dealing with an earworm is by either listening to the song or melody in its entirety or by replacing it with another one.  In the U.K., for example, the most common melody, unsurprisingly, was "God Save the Queen."

Earworms fall into the category of spontaneous cognitions, which make up to 40 percent of people's everyday thoughts, researchers say. Other spontaneous cognitions include mind wandering or random pop-up memories. More than 90 percent of people report experiencing earworms at least once a week.

So, I had to ask you guys about YOUR earworm experiences.  What was the last song you got stuck in your head?  What did you do to try to get it out?  Tell me all about it and I'll share your answers on the air!

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