Today (Aug. 29), emergency personnel in Sedalia helped lay to rest one of their own. Kenny M. Stone passed away in the line of duty on Aug. 23, 2013. Kenny served our community as a paramedic. He most recently worked for APSI in Sedalia, but had spent a career serving at the Sni-Valley Volunteer Fire Department where he was assistant chief, as well as Oak Grove EMS and Lifeguard Ambulance. Today, EMS and fire departments from the area came to help give Kenny a hero's sendoff.

As I stood on the overpass of the Katy Trail on South 65 HWY, it was very emotional seeing all the Emergency Personnel that where involved in this procession, including a LifeFlight Helicopter. I can't even imagine on how many lives that Kenny probably has saved and the injured he help get prepared for transport to our local hospital or even LifeFlighted to others.

Thank You for your Kindness and Humanity that you have given your community. You have done your last call.

Now on a separate note to all our people in this community. As I observed from above, there were many drivers that I was truly disappointed in. First off, when you see emergency personnel coming down the road, you need to move over. When you see a funeral procession coming down the road, you are to move over as well. I can't believe how many people I saw that just ignored that respect! Shame on you. Imagine, Kenny could have helped someone from your family and or a friend of yours, but you were to big of a hurry to pull over for just a few moments to pay your respect to someone who gave their time to our community!

Godspeed, Kenny M. Stone!