I think it's very interesting to delve into the history books and found out nuggets or tidbits of information that I didn't know before about Missouri. I ran across some of that information and I just had to share it with you. Some you may know...some you may not.

  • In 1803 President Jefferson purchased from the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, the entire territory of Louisiana, for $15,000,000.
  • It was divided into two parts-the lower part was called "Territory of New Orleans". Its capital was located at New Orleans. The upper portion was deemed "District of Louisiana" with its capital in St. Louis.
  • Another pact was passed in 1812 that changed the name from "The District of Louisiana" to "Territory of Missouri".
  • On August 10, 1821, the President by proclamation admitted Missouri as a state. The first state capital was in St. Louis, then it moved to St. Charles for about five years. On October 1, 1826, it was moved to the current location, Jefferson City.
  • The first state census was taken September, 1821. With a total of 25 counties, the total number living in the state was 70,647. (At that time Pettis County was not one of the counties in Missouri.)
  • Another census of the state was taken in 1880. At that time Pettis was included in the 114 counties. The total population from that census was 2,168,804. (As a side note these numbers were included in the census-92 Chinese, 2-half Chinese, and 96 Indians and half-breeds)
  • The increase in numbers over the 68-year period was over 2 million.

Missouri celebrates it's 200-year anniversary this year. Just as an added number, the last census taken on July, 1, 2019, showed Missouri's population estimate at 6,137,428.

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