You could hear those pro-mod engines roaring all the way out by the entrance of Lucas Oil Speedway last Sunday (June 10), as the drag boats took to the water for the 2012 John Haas Memorial Drag Boat Classic in Wheatland.  I had never been to drag boat races before, and if you haven't experienced it, I highly recommend checking it out sometime.

I was able to shoot some video while I was out there.  I couldn't get over how loud those boats could get!  In fact, as I was shooting video near the starting line, the noise would get so loud that the vibrations actually triggered the "drop detection" feature on my camera, shutting it down in the middle of recording.

It was a little windy out there, so there was some delay in getting the big boats in the water.  You'll see in the video that the crews enjoyed messing around on jet skis and entertaining the crowd during the delays.

Although the pro-mod boats were a lot of fun, I have to say that I really enjoyed the "cracker boats."  That's when they race laps around the track in those flat-bottom, two-seater boats.  It was really fun to see them race four at a time and actually do laps on a drag strip.  It looked like the boat pilots out there where having a blast.

Here are some of the sights and sounds I captured out there.  Enjoy!


We'll be headed out to Lucas Oil Speedway again on June 30 for Kix Night at the Races, where we'll be enjoying some of the best dirt track racing around.  Don't forget to check out our "dirty" photo contest, where you can view and vote on our listener-submitted photos of people getting down and dirty in the mud!

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