According to the American Red Cross someone needs blood in the United States very two seconds. The group says blood is essential for surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses and traumatic injuries. If that's not enough reason to donate blood, maybe a free ticket to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City will sweeten the deal.

The American Red Cross and Sedalia Parks & Recreation are holding a blood drive at Convention Hall on June 30. And the first people who sign up to donate, and then follow through by donating at their appointment will get a free ticket to Worlds of Fun.

Generally, those 17 and over that weigh 110 lbs. and are in good heath and feel well can donate blood. Additional eligibility criteria may apply if your on medication, have a medical condition, have recently traveled to a foreign country along with your personal history. The American Red Cross Has more information about this on their Red Cross Blood website. 16 & 17 year old students will need parental consent to donate blood, and you can find the form to do that here and more information on student donations here.

The actual blood donation takes about ten minutes, but the American Red Cross says the whole process takes about an hour. And people are eligible to donate whole blood every 56 days.

Sedalia Parks & Recreation's blood drive is taking place between 11:00AM - 4:00PM CDT in the Convention Hall Gym. Convention Hall Gym is located at 1500 West 3rd Street in Sedalia. You can schedule a time to donate online here.


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