Kids these days will never know the struggle and the pain we went through back in the day when we would try to sign on to the world wide web with a dial up internet connection. Of course, back then, we probably didn't think too much about it since it was all that we had. But can you imagine going back to those days and dealing with it?

So the next time your kids complain about how slow everything is on the internet, maybe a history lesson will enlighten them.

If you remember the sound you're about to hear, you know the pain you dealt with while trying to connect to the internet.

Formerly know as AOL, American Online was one of the first as an internet provider in the mid-90's.

It was a dial-up service that provided for many the first taste of email, messaging and later a web service.

Originally it was called Control Video Corporation. Later the name changed to Quantum Computer Services. Eventually it was called the name that millions recognized, American Online aka AOL.

At first you paid an hourly fee for the service which was later changed to a flat fee of $19.95 a month. Since there was a flood of users trying to get online at the same time, many weren't able to connect and became frustrated. Because of this cancellations were abundant.

In around 1997, AOL subscribers were estimated at 34 million.

So do you remember the excitement of sitting at your computer and waiting...waiting and still waiting for the connection to the internet?

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