For those of us that have grown up watching Royals' baseball, the name Raul Ibanez is one that is recognizable. He's been placed on the ballot for Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame. So how does he stack up against the other HOF nominees?

Ibanez's career lasted 19 years in the majors. Out of those seasons, four were spent with the Kansas City Royals. The only player on the ballot that's the closest thing to a shoe-in for a first round selection is Derek Jeter. Other than that who knows if any make it in the first round of balloting.

According to

Here's the following career statistics with his current place among the others who have played the game in parenthesis:

He also appeared in 44 total playoff games with six of them in the 2009 World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies. Ibanez played in exactly one All-Star Game in 2009.

So do you think Ibanez has a chance? Most likely not his first year but it would be interesting to see in the upcoming years if he makes the grade. Whatever happens down the line, congrats to him for making the list.

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