This comes to me secondhand.  A friend of mine shared one of her friend's status updates from Facebook with me and inspired me to write on the subject.  The status was:

"It's no wonder a decent guy doesn't stand a chance these days with all the man-haters singing on the radio! This is why I don't care for much of this new music they call 'country'. Just sayin........."

On one hand, he's right.  There are plenty of songs out there that portray a woman who has been wronged by a man and how much stronger she is.  Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift come to mind immediately.

For people that listen to other genres of music, we can point to Adele and Alanis Morrisette.  However, do these songs that resonate well with female listeners actually hurt the decent guy's chances?  I think not.

If you happen to be a self proclaimed "decent guy," then it is up to you to show your prospective partner(s) what you claim to be.  The reason these songs do so well on the charts and in sales is because MOST women have been hurt by the plethora of men out there that aren't "decent guys."

There's an old cliche about being "once bitten and twice shy".  These women are jaded.  They're guarded.  They may see something as simple as where you are in life that reminds them of a man from their past.  But the songs do well because of this, women are not that way because of the music.

So relax.  Meet people.  Sooner or later, things will fall together.  Stop blaming the music for the other idiots that society calls "men" for the lack of smooth sailing.

Your thoughts are of course welcome!  Comment below!

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