It's the last day of May and the second day of the Scott Joplin festival being held in downtown Sedalia.

Here's the lineup for the free daily performances at Gazebo Park and the Stark Pavillion:

       Gazebo Park                                                  Stark Pavilion

9:00 am Bryan Wright                                     9:00 am Max Keenlyside

9:30 am Martin Spitznagel                              9:30 am Jeff Barnhart

10:00 am Taslimah Bey                                  10:00 am Dalton Ridenhour

10:30 am Stephanie Trick                              10:30 am Tom McDermott

11:00 am Holland & Coots                             11:00 am Neville Dickie

11:30 am John Reed-Torres                          11:30 am Paul Asaro

12:00 pm Jeff Barnhart                                 12:00 pm Oliver Moore

12:30 pm Bill Edwards                                  12:30 pm William McNally

1:00 pm Marty Eggers                                   1:00 pm John Reed-Torres

1:30 pm Frederick Hodges                            1:30 pm The Rhythmia

2:00 pm Virginia Tichenor                             2:00 pm Taslimah Bey

2:30 pm Alex Hassan                                    2:30 pm Carl Sonny Leyland

3:00 pm David Reffkin                                   3:00 pm Frederick Hodges

3:30 pm Dave Majchrzak                               3:30 pm Virgina Tichenor

4:00 pm Carl Sonny Leland                           4:00 pm Marty Eggers

4:30 pm Ivory&Gold®                                    4:30 pm Stephanie Trick

Ragtime University - Symposia $15 9:00 am at Liberty Center

Carl Sonny Leyland - Boogie at the Roots: Who really "invented" boogie woogie, why it took more than a decade to reach national popularity, what makes it so pervasive, and who were its earliest champions.

10:00 am at Liberty Center Bill Edwards - Ragtime Revivals, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: A look at the last three revivals and a forum on the future of ragtime.

11:00 am at Liberty Center Sean Sharp - Sliding into Songs: The art of the song slide, including its purpose, origins, rise and fall, collection and restoration, and shining examples of the genre, as assisted by Master Frdrk. Hodges.

Transitions in Early American Music $26 2:00 to 3:30 pm at Liberty Center

Stride Spotlight Concert – Once again, we explore ragtime’s periphery and direct lineage by focusing on the Stride masters.

Sensation! Classic Rags by Luminaries NOT Named Joplin Concert $31 7:30 to 10 pm at Liberty Center

Tickets are available at the Liberty Center Boc Office from 8am to 8pm,

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