This Saturday (Nov. 9), I'm going to be hanging out at Mid-Mo Auto Sales on South Limit Ave. from 11-2 p.m. with the 105 Pounds of Cash. Come see me, say hi, maybe get yourself a T-shirt or a CD, and take a guess at how much money is in the jug. If your guess is the closest, you win the cash!

Since we'll be at Mid-Mo Auto Sales, you could stick with the car theme and use the money to buy yourself some sweet accessories for your vehicle. Might I suggest something off of my list of the Top Five Ridiculous Car Accessories?

1. The Carstache. For that dignified, classy look.

2. Carlashes. Not all cars can grow a mustache. For all the female vehicles out there.

3. Flamethrower Exhaust. Shoot up to 20 feet of flame out of your exhaust on command. Can you imagine scaring the hell out of that jerk riding your bumper with this?!?!?

4. Excessive Interior LED Lighting. Turn any old vehichle into a night club! I'm sure it's not distracting at all.


5. Whistle Tips. The whistles go WHOO WHOOOOOO!!!

I'll see you at Mid-Mo Auto Sales this weekend!