The rodeo is coming to Sedalia this weekend! This Friday and Saturday (Feb. 14 and 15) you can see NFPB Bullriding at the Mathewson Center on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. One of the events taking place at the rodeo is Cowboy Poker, and I've been volunteered to play on Saturday night. If you don't know what Cowboy Poker is, it's pretty simple: Four guys sit down at a card table for a nice game of poker in the middle of the ring, then a wild bull is thrown in with them. Last one touching the table wins.

At first I was going to guarantee a win, because I'm stupid enough to be willing to take a hit from a bull. But after watching some video, I see that if the bull chooses you, there's really nothing you can do about it. So all I can guarantee is that I won't be running from the table if the bull comes at me, and hopefully I don't die.

Check out the video below of a Cowboy Poker game that took place right here in Sedalia a few years ago for an example of what could happen to me on Saturday. It gets pretty rough.

If you want to come see me get attacked by a bull, tickets are available at the radio station at 2209 S. Limit Ave in Sedalia for a discounted price of just $10.

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