The last couple of days I've wondereded what else could go wrong with my body. Then I remembered, no matter my ailments, it could be worse.

I came to the station yesterday morning not feeling the best. My left hip was out so I was barely able to maneuver, I broke off a tooth Friday afternoon and it left a jagged edge on that tooth so my poor tongue has been taking a beating since then and I wound up throwing up yesterday morning as my stomach was upset. So how was your Monday?

Mine was fantastic! With all the ailments I might have experienced yesterday, I'm blessed. Even though I didn't feel the best, I had a job to come to, I had the availabilty to contact a chiropractor to get an appointment to treat my hip, I was able to get in yesterday afternoon (Thank you Dr. Jon Ehlers and Tiger Family Dental) to get my tooth ground down so I could talk without my tongue being stabbed repeatedly and the stomach issue...well it got better as the day progressed.

There are so many that are hurting. Young and old. Friends and family. I try to always look at the positive. It could be worse. Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Alzheimers, Stroke, Rheumatoid Arthritis and death. I've seen this and much more over the past year. Family and friends, going through medical procedures that we wouldn't wish on our enemy, but it's necessary. 

So if you're hurting, mentally, physically or spiritually, just remember, it could be worse...much worse. Hang in there, say your prayers and do the things in life that really matter. Love your friends and family, be there for someone, say a kind word to a co-worker. Enjoy life...count your blessings.

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