The Sedalia City Council dealt with several annexations Monday night, as well as a couple of change orders and a rezoning request.

Clover Dell Park is now contiguous with the City limits now that the property expanding the Missouri State Fairgrounds was annexed. So therefore the City park is now eligible for annexation, it was noted at the start of the meeting, when a public hearing was held.

The only comment received was from Bruce Gabriel, who lives at 3425 West 32nd. That is where 32nd narrows going west towards Clover Dell Park. His problem was the speed of vehicles that travel east from the county into the city, making it difficult and dangerous for him to back out of his driveway.

“At times, we take our lives in our hands to pull out of our driveway, when folks primarily are coming from the west and driving 60 miles an hour, and supposed to slow down to 25 to 35, and they don't often do it,” Gabriel said. “So I'm making an assumption that with this annexation there's going to be some changes to 32nd street going west over time.”

Mayor Andrew Dawson said he didn't know of any plans to improve the safety in the area. But City Administrator Kelvin Shaw said he knows that Pettis County applied for a grant to widen it, but he did not know the current status of it, and there was no update as of three weeks ago.

“It is a county road,” Shaw noted. “We certainly will have it on our strategic planning (session) ... but we're certainly aware how bad that road is."

Finance Director Jessica Pyle then provided Council with a monthly financial update.

“Sales and use tax year-to-date is up almost $278,000, or 6.7 percent, due primarily to higher sales tax. Franchise taxes are higher than the prior year, mostly due to that Charter Communications settlement of over $377,000 that we talked about at the last meeting. Transportation taxes are higher due to the gasoline tax, altough gasoline tax did drop this current month. Property tax payments, the majority of those come in December and January,” Pyle told the Council.

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United Way of Pettis County Executive Director Rachelle Simon gave Council an overview of the organization and updated them on the success of the June 17 Day of Action at Hubbard Park.

Council annexed Lot 32 of Gables Phase 2 (owned by Vyachesakv Kolesnik), and Lot 33 of Gables Phase 2 (owned by Eugene Limanskiy) into the City.

Council then considered an ordinance that would rezone property at 101 South Washington from M-1 to M-2. A Planning and Zoning meeting was held June 7 on the matter, and they recommended approval.

The owner of the auto repair business now wants to start an auto salvage businesses as well at the location. M-1 does not allow for auto salvage. With the rezoning to M-2 comes certain requirements, such as a privacy fence to block the line of sight from neighboring properties and roads.

The request was approved, with two no votes cast by Fourth Ward Councilman Steve Bloess and First Ward Councilman Jack Robinson. So the vote was five yes, two no. Second Ward Councilwoman Tina Boggess was absent from Monday night's meeting.

Council then moved on to reject demolition bids for a structure at 904 South Harrison due to new owners expressing interest in purchasing the property, which was deemed a dangerous building.

The previous owners were given time to repair the building and eliminate hazardous conditions, or simply demolish it, neither of which occurred.

Request For Proposals were sent out and bids received. That's when the new owners expressed interest in the property. The board of appeals then granted an extension so the building can be repaired. Therefore all demolition bids were rejected as a result.

Under Public Works, Council approved an annexation of property owned by Joy and Brian Guymon at 6200 Highway Y.

Council then approved a budget amendment to carry over funds from Nucor to add ballast to the industrial rail spur to make it safer for their workers to walk on. Nucor agreed to pay for it, but the project was not completed by March 31, so City policy is that all encumbrances expires at year's end. Therefore the need to carry over the funds to the next fiscal year.

Council then approved a $3,749.65 change order to S & A Equipment and Builders for sidewalk repair and replacement in several areas. One such area is on New York Avenue near Centennial Park and Parkview Elementary School.

The change order brings the total cost of the project to $249,802.60.

Council passed a resolution to apply for another TRIM grant so that Sedalia can once again be designated as a Tree City, USA. The Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance grant is worth $10,000.

Under Public Safety, a motion to allow the sale of fireworks inside the City Limits was considered and rejected.

First Ward Councilman Tom Oldham made the motion.

The vote was two yes (Oldham and Cross) to five no (Robinson, Marshall, Hiller, Foster and Bloess.

City Clerk Jason Myers then read a long list of those appointed by Mayor Dawson to serve on various boards throughout the City (see photo gallery).

Council then adjourned to closed session.

City Council June 19

Images from the June 19 meeting of Sedalia City Council

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