Two-way stop signs for east-west traffic were approved for installation at North Missouri and West Benton at Monday night's City Council meeting.

In addition, no parking signs will be erected in the area, also, prohibiting parking for 150 feet west of the intersection.

The Citizen's Traffic Advisory Commission recommended the change to Sedalia City Council, to allow for 18-wheelers to access a loading dock and for a proper turning radius.

Also Monday night, Council rejected a request to rename a portion of Johnson Street to Dr. A.R. Maddox Street between North Missouri and North Washington.

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The request was made this past summer. Since then, City staff has solicited responses from area residents on their opinion about the street name change.

No comments were received in favor of the name change, but several emphatic statements against the proposal were made plain to staff members. Therefore, the Community Development Committee, headed by Community Development Director John Simmons (and chaired by Councilmen Andrew Dawson and Charles Lowe), recommended against the name change in keeping with public input on the question.

Dr. Albert R. Maddox was a prominent physician working in the Sedalia area many years ago. He died in 1985. The idea to rename the street came from Elder Noah Poole.

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