We wrote about this story a couple of years ago. At the time most of us couldn't imagine the Cardinals and the Royals being in the same division but the coronavirus has definitely caused some changes.

As crazy as things have been with the COVID-19 shortened 2020 season, it wouldn't surprise me to see this happen. Especially since now the teams are playing teams closer to their physical proximity. Now more than ever it would make sense.

Can you imagine the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals being in the same division in Major League Baseball? It's a possibility according to an article on Baseballamerica.com.

Writer Tracy Ringolsby with Baseballamerica.com wrote the article. At the time of the writing of the article, it seemed as if the expansion of two more teams could've moved some teams around and into different divisions.

According to Ringolsby, the two teams that could've been added were Portland, Oregon and Montreal. This would push the number of major league teams to 32.

Is it something new that we just don't know about? Not likely. Whenever the fall leaves start to turn in the northeast, in past years, the talk of expansion in the MLB has surfaced in one form or another.

It's interesting to look at the division that would house the Cardinals and the Royals. According to the article, it explores the option of ditching the American League and National League with four overall divisiions, each with eight teams. 

In the Midwest Division it would be both Chicago franchises, Colorado, Houston, Kansas City, Milwaukee, St. Louis and Texas.

What do you think?

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