90 degrees over the weekend..70 degrees later this week. Hello, welcome to Missouri! We're two weeks from the first day of Autumn. As we've rolled into the month of September, the 22nd is the first day of Fall. Are you ready?

I think with the last five months being thrown off our late Spring and our full Summer schedule, we're looking for some normalcy to come back into our lives.

Being able to sit in the stands and watch football would help...whether it's high school, college or pro ball, it would definitely help with our attitudes. Maybe some cooler temps and being able to open the windows would help too.

Now since we're talking about two weeks weeks until Autumn officially arrives, there's still time to still get in some summertime fun. Enjoy these warmer days cuz' before you know it we'll be throwing on a jacket when we venture outside. You'll have a blanket in the back of the vehicle just in case you might need it for the upcoming cooler, crisp evenings.

Now some would rather have the summer months keep on keeping on. Trips to the lake...fishing, swimming, skiing, boating...it's what some live for during the warm summer months. For others it's something that they put up with. The heat is not their friend.  Always scampering to the air conditioning and counting the days til the temperatures start cooling down.

So what is it for you? Do you want Summer to continue into the later part of September into October and beyond or are you ready for the crisp days of Autumn?

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