Here in Missouri it's not uncommon to see opossums rummaging through neighborhoods and across the countryside during the evening hours. Someday we may see a particular protein in this marsupial that will provide a poison antidote.

Tests have already been conducted with the protein LTNF (Lethal Toxin-Neutralizing Factor). This opossum protein neutralizes nearly all poisons, could have benefits for humans.

According to research it's impossible to poison a opossum. They produce the LTNF protein that basically neutralizes ANY poison that enters their body.

More research has been conducted according to an article on  A lot of the research was conducted prior to 1999. Most of these studies were performed on mice, so the question is would it be applicable for humans.

Who would have know that this little creature, found many times scourging through the trash after we've gone to bed, might someday hold the key to help find the solution to a poison antidote!

Mountain Opossum
Getty Images


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