As the years go by, you would hope that you'd pick up a thing or two in life. That also includes some tips in the kitchen.

You hear different ideas and supposed how-to's on cooking as you get older but some of them just aren't true. Apparently some of them that I've learned over the years are included in the mix of cooking mistakes that everyone makes.

I was making cookies Sunday night and the recipe called for two tablespoons of melted butter. So what did I do? I dished out the two servings from the refrigerated butter as directed, plopped it into a small bowl, and went to the microwave to melt it down. I only nuked it for about 12 seconds, took out the bowl, and stirred it until a few smaller chunks were dissolved. No biggie.

Now I see this story on that says I shouldn't microwave butter because:

It can break the emulsion and ruin a potential recipe in the process.

Hmmmm...whoops. My bad. I guess the correct way to do this is to grate your butter if you need it quickly.

Here's another one that I've done from time to time.When cooking scrambled eggs I've added milk thinking it would help to make them creamier. Not the case. Once again according to the website, if you add dairy to your eggs your can thin them out and they may become overcooked.

So good luck with your culinary efforts. I know I'll be more careful next time.

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