Smith-Cotton JROTC will host their 16th annual JROTC Raider Meet on Saturday, Sept. 25 at the Missouri State Fair Grounds.

JROTC is expecting between 35 and 40 teams from 15 different schools from the surrounding areas as well as Kansas, Arkansas, Wisconsin and Texas to compete.

The competitive events will start at 7 a.m.; the awards ceremony is planned for 3:30 p.m. The entire community is invited to the JROTC Raider Meet.

Events will include One-Rope Bridge, 10 Kilometer Road March, Raider Challenge Course, Leadership Reaction Course, Biathlon, One-Mile Ruck Run, and a Physical Team Test (PTT).

Smith-Cotton JROTC thanked the Voiture 33, 40 and 8 for providing all of the trophies and medals for the JROTC Raider Meet.

They also thanked the Missouri State Fair Grounds and the Missouri National Guard for allowing them to host the event. There is no cost to attend and observe.

The 2020 event had to be canceled due to COVID, so this year's event promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

Cadet Captain Ella Kennedy and Cadet Major McKenzie Boeschen were quite busy on Friday promoting the event to area media and setting up for the Raider Meet at the Lowell Mohler Building on the Fairgrounds. They expect to be working around the clock on Saturday.

One of Smith-Cotton's teams are also competing at the event, Kennedy noted.

There are more than 200 members in the current crop of JROTC.

The JROTC Booster Club is providing breakfast & lunch for the cadets.

Entry fee for each team is $125.

Every school has the option to bring a male team, a female team and a mixed team, Kennedy said.

Cadet Major Boeschen said the Raider Meet helps sharpen leadership skills, and improves teamwork. The events tests the mental limits of cadets as well as physical limits.

Boeschen noted that many teams use the Raider Meet as preparation for the national competition, which takes place in Georgia the first week November.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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