One of the biggest online pet stores is bringing a fulfillment center to Cass County.

Chewy, according to an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, is poised to build in Cass County and has submitted an application for Tax Incentives to the State of Missouri. The company is requesting a state loan package worth up to $2.8 million dollars which will help the company purchase equipment to run the plant.

The fulfillment center will bring 800 jobs to Missouri and most jobs will pay about $31,000 a year according to the newspaper.

Chewy has employees in fifteen different locations and fulfillment centers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Indiana, Florida and Arizona. According to Chewy's website fast shipping and excellent customer service are two of the company's hallmarks. A fulfillment center in Western Missouri certainly seems like it might be helpful to better meet those expectations for their Midwest customers.

Not that it's been bad. My wife and I have used Chewy to deliver J.J. The Chill Hound's kibble and treats for several years now. In Lubbock and the Quad Cities the shipping was absolutely amazing. I'd say it exceeded expectations.

Here in Warrensburg, it seems a little slower. Nothing to complain to Chewy about. But my wife and I aren't marveling at how quickly the order gets here vs. when we lived other places. We chalked it up to living in a small town vs. a bigger city and that may very well be it. But I bet shipping J.J.'s food from Cass County would get it here a day or two sooner. That'd be cool.

More importantly it's 800 jobs for Western Missouri. And that's good for all of us.

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