When you stop to think about it, it's a great idea. 

When an airplane or aircraft or whatever the term is becomes obsolete or damaged, it's not like you can just cut it up and recycle it.  It's a logistical nightmare.  And, why destroy these things when you can part them out, sell older ones to foreign countries, or use them for target practice?  So you get it, Airplane Boneyards are a thing.  And for some reason, abandoned stuff really fascinates me.  So when I saw this video on the internetz, I felt like it was worth a share.

How neat, right? I think about all the flights they took, the pilots who flew them... there must be thousands of stories in this boneyard.

Have you ever come across an airplane boneyard?  Or found anything like a locomotive, or other big vehicles abandoned out in nature?  Tell me all about it!

Bonily yours,

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