If you're family is anything like mine, then I'm sure you have shoes laying around that you just don't wear. Well the Cat Assistance Team Sedalia has a way for you to get rid of those shoes while helping area cats and kittens.

The Cat Assistance Team Sedalia has an opportunity to get $1,000 dollars towards the group's medical expenses from Funds2Org if they can collect 2,500 pairs of gently used or new shoes by August 31.

So gather up your gently worn used shoes or new shoes, bag them up, and then get in touch with the Cat Assistance Team Sedalia. They'll have one of their porch patrol members come by your house and pick the shoes up from your porch or front door. No contact necessary.

In 2019 the Cat Assistance Team Sedalia rescued 183 animals, found 131 of them new homes, and spayed/neutered over 500 stray community cats in the Sedalia area. Between taking care of the medical needs of rescued animals and continuing their spay/neuter program this $1,000 will really help the group.

If you'd like to help Cat Assistance Team Sedalia with a shoes donation, contact them at 660-553-7242 or helpsedaliacats@gmail.com.

So what happens to the shoes? Funds2Org takes the new and gently used shoes and uses them in a programs helping people beat systemic poverty in developing nations. Essentially, they take the shoes and help create micro entrepreneurs escape poverty by selling these shoes in those developing nations.

According to their Facebook page Cat Assistance Team Sedalia "is a licensed 501(c)(3) animal rescue whose main focus is TNR (Trap Neuter Return of community cats) in Sedalia, Otterville and the surrounding areas. Even though TNR is our main focus, we are here to help any animal in need. The majority of our intake comes from TNR cats that are too sick to return to their colony and would have been euthanized, as well as orphaned kittens too young to return. Adoptable cats and kittens from our TNR efforts are neutered, vaccinated, tested, micro-chipped, and placed in good homes."


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