This week has been a great last week for me so far. I've had the opportunity to bring back some of our friends for a little blast from past.

Tina Sapp joined the Doug Farewell Week on Tuesday morning, December 8.

Tina and I go back to high school together in Knob Noster High School, she and I graduated one year apart, but she is younger than me and let's not forget that. We had some of the same experiences of being in Mrs. Pierce's drama classes, Mr. Altis' Social Studies courses, Mrs. Altis' English classes and so much more.

She was apart of the stations from 1998 to 2005. When she was here at the tail end, 92.3 was Fresh Mix 92, she did middays on KIX 105. She was also the one who trained me on the weekends, after Paul Aberli hired me in 1999.

If you recall her last days with the stations, she had a huge wedding in Liberty Park after a wedding fair at Convention Hall. She and her husband, Tim, live in Canada and have one child, which they named after the great owner of the great barbeque in Warrensburg, Perry Foster.

She now has her own production company, called Sapp Media.



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