Everyone's mother has an embarrassing story to tell, even Doug's mom. Watch where you stick your head, Dougie. 

Here is a cute story about your very own DJ, Doug Sokolowski.

When Doug was four years old, he decided to go outside to help Grandma Lafata water some flowers. Needless to say, like any 4-year-old, his help turned into getting Grandma wet, so he got a time out on the porch.

Feeling a little lonely, he decided to peek inside the front door to say “Hi” to Mommy, who was talking with her sisters and brother in the living room. However, instead of opening the door, Doug put his head through a mailbox slot in the door. After the very innocent little greeting, Doug let out a loud desperate cat-like shriek. Quickly, I ran to him to help, but his head was stuck, and I could not slip his head back through the slot without slicing off his ears.

I yelled at my Mom to stop watering and help hold him still because he was shaking and crying. Meanwhile, my brother ran to get a screwdriver. When he returned, he tried to loosen the bolts, but those screws were in place for over 20 years, so he could not get them to twist off.

A stranger was walking by and asked what the commotion was about, so after we told him the problem, he dropped his shopping bag on the sidewalk and ran up the stairs to help us. He grabbed the screwdriver and applied brute force to a bolt. The stranger’s face was turning red while trying to loosen a screw, but he did not give up. With great determination, he slowly released those old rusty bolts one by one until Doug’s head was finally freed.

Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, Doug was able to grow up without a mailbox slot around his neck.

We want to give a big thank you to the stranger who freed Doug!