Kids, I'm sure you've seen our "Love Gone Wrong" contest here on the website.  I'm sure that some of you may be somewhat reluctant to share your stories, if they're too embarrassing.  Well, I'll be happy to share a story from mine, and then you can tell me yours!

One time I had a garage sale at my old house.  I met a dude there and he bought some music from me.  Over the course of the day, he came back and bought more.  Later he asked for my number, and then asked me out.  We had a date set for that next weekend.  It ended up not happening.  He then didn't talk to me again for a good six months.  Then, we ended up talking again and we set up another date.

This time, I waited...and he didn't show up.  I called, and he picked up.  He'd fallen asleep! He'd sat on his couch and fallen asleep and forgotten our date.  He then said he was sorry and he'd come pick me up.  Twenty minutes go by, and he calls. He's at my address, but he says I'm not there.  I confirm my address, and he's at the wrong place.   Another 10 minutes goes by, and the dude finally picks me up, after I've been standing in front of my apartment building for a good half an hour, waiting.

We drive out to go to dinner.  We go down by Liberty Park and he starts to make a left hand turn onto Limit.  HE RAN ANOTHER TRUCK OFF THE ROAD.  The truck went into the grass in front of the First Christian Church.  He didn't see them until they were in the grass. I nearly had a heart attack!  Then, we went to dinner.  Dinner was relatively un-traumatic.  Afterwards, he decided we'd go sit somewhere and talk.

He took me to the Moose Lodge.  Now, I'd never been to the Moose Lodge, but I knew you had to be a member to go in. He swore up and down he was one, although he didn't have a card and they didn't recognize him.  But they let us in, nice people that they were.  Then we sat and talked and that was fine, but as we were getting ready to leave, I swear he nearly got into two arguments with people he didn't know just based on how he was speaking to them.

We ended up going out one more time, and then having another date, and then he didn't speak to me for a good four months. The dude just dropped off the face of the earth.  I heard from him again in August after the infamous fire (which he was unaware of), and then...nothing again.   Not one word from that day to this.

In spite of that, he was a nice enough guy, and I admit, I had a good time when we were out.  If only there hadn't been the waiting and the near fights and the near accidents.

Actually, now that I even think of it, that's not even the whole story.  There's more weirdness between date two and three, and more weirdness after date three.  There might be a "part II" here.

Wrongily yours,

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