Here in our area, we have a lot of people who have served their country in the military - either in active duty, or the reserves.  I really don't think that I know anybody who doesn't have a friend,  a family member, co-worker, or neighbor who's a veteran somewhere.  And since today's our big Show Me Honor Flight Radiothon, I thought we'd talk about 'em a little. I have never met a veteran, or anyone involved with the military for that matter,  who wanted to toot their own horn.  Almost always they'll say that there were others who did more, or who deserve the attention rather than them.  It's just part of that simple humble nature that comes with people who are willing to work for a bigger, common good.  They see themselves as a group, as a team - and every member is just as important as the next.  But this is National Military Appreciation Month.   We're always saying that our active military and military veterans don't get enough thanks.  Now's a time when we can make that right.   Tell me about the veterans in your life, what they've accomplished, and how proud you are of them.  You can thank them here, publicly, in  a way they'd never ask for.  The closest relative I have that was in the service is my Father; he served in the Navy in the seventies.  It was really something of a miracle - he can't swim! But he served honorably and we're proud of him.   So, thanks, Dad.  I appreciate you as a father, a friend, a man - and as a veteran.   If you'd like, fill out our survey here to tell me all about your veteran, and thank them personally.  If you want to include names, that's great too - you don't have to get too specific if you think they'll get embarrassed.  First names are fine, just enough so they know it's from you.  If you want to help our veterans in a more concrete way, why not join in with our Show Me Honor Flight Radiothon?  So many great sponsors have chipped in to get those veterans on a plane with their colleagues to see their memorials in Washington, DC.  Listen throughout the day for veteran stories and we'll remind you how to donate.  You can come by at 2209 South Limit and drop off what you can (and every little bit helps) or you can call 660-620-3634.   I'll read out as many salutes over the air as I can to the active, retired, or reserved military  to thank your vet personally.

Thankfully yours,