Every day I ask you guys a different question in our survey.  Sometimes they're silly questions, sometimes they're serious.  They're great ways to get points and get prizes, I know that much. And, you guys are all great at giving interesting answers! On Monday, I asked you guys about rude people.  Who was the rudest person you ever met, and what made them so rude?

I worked in retail for years and we had this older lady and her daughter that would come in and just rip our cashiers to shreds because she always wanted a deal and felt that belittling them would get her what she wanted. Luckily our boss wasn't a fan so they rarely did, they would always leave and say they would never come back but unfortunately always did. I have never understood why people feel the need to act this way, do they not understand they are the ones that look absolutely ridiculous.

I can empathize with this one. It's always a little bit embarrassing when someone is rude to a cashier or salesperson. It makes everyone in the store uncomfortable!

George, my X brother-n-law.  He was so upset with my Mother that he told her he had to go take a leak and she should come hold it. I KICKED HIS ????

WOAH. Now that is rude! Nobody talks to Mom that way!

On Tuesday, I started thinking about Father's Day coming up. I asked you guys about your favorite memories you have of your Father.

He was a very understanding man and never got mad.

Wow, that is understanding. My Dad got mad at me a lot - but I deserved it!

One of my fondest memories is when my Dad would take me fishing. He would rent a old fishing boat that you would have to supply your own motor, and it would break down all the time. I did a lot of rowing in those days,  but I wouldn't trade those days for anything.

See, and it's little memories that mean so much. I can just picture you guys out on the water, paddling away!

On Wednesday, I asked you guys about your relationships again. This time I focused your attentions on the infatuation phase of your relationship. Did you do anything crazy in that period, or unusual, something to get their attention or win them over?

Our News Man, Jack, had a great answer to this one.

Marlene and I got married after three months.  I do remember trying to win her over by lying a lot.

Well, there you go. Fifty three years later and it's still working out, lies and all!

I basically stalked him by looking up everything I could find about him on the internet. Then when I called and let him know I was stalking him, he was actually flattered.

See, now this is the rare instance of a case of stalking gone right. Although I guess it's not REALLY stalking, because she told him about it. I'd be willing to see that more as "research" or "background checking". Now if you were camped out in front of his window, or watching him sleep, that's different.

On Thursday, I asked you guys about what's its like for you when you first wake up. Is it easy to get out of bed? Do you have to do a couple things to make sure you're really awake and ready to go?  For me, it's not hard to get up anymore.  I'm used to getting up very early in the morning and sometimes wake up before my alarm. That can get a little annoying when I'm trying to "sleep in" on a weekend and can barely make it to 7:00 a.m. before I have to get up.

Nope. Wake up at the same time daily, without an alarm.
Can't figure out 'snoozers'. Why set the alarm, then snooze 20-30 minutes?  Set it for when you need to get up, then haul it out when the alarm goes off.

I wish I could trust myself to wake up every morning without an alarm. Most of the time I do wake up earlier than the alarm, but I just can't take the chance. There'll be that ONE TIME that I don't, and then I'll be late to work or something. I hate being unprepared on the air, so that would be horrible for me.

I set my alarm to the station with Spanish Music on full blast. I leap out of bed with shock and park in front of my coffee pot glaring at anything moving until I get my first cup. Then it's Bob FM to soothe my rattled nerves from the traumatic Spanish music.

I have gotten a little used to getting some coffee of a morning. I don't drink more than one cup, but it's still something that I do most every day.  And either way, if Spanish music works, hey.  As long as you're coming back to our stations to make it all better.

As you can see, you guys are a real and important part of the show, and I love to read your answers to all of these different questions. Just because we're done for this week, don't think you still can't get the points! Join me again next week for our next round of Enquiring Minds, and weigh in with your opinions.  You can either fill out a survey, comment on a post, or comment on our Facebook. Fill out any or all of our polls and surveys and you could get some more points for great prizes, like our Bud Light Ultimate Backyard BBQ Giveaway.

Enquiringly yours,

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