Some of  my favorite singers and musicians are people like The Beatles, Loretta Lynn, REM, Hank Williams Sr, among several others.  I seem to really like bands that were broken up before I got to see them live, or.... that broke up before I was even born. 

The Beatles are my favorite band ever, and one of them was killed when I was just a baby.  I really dig Fleetwood Mac, too - but their reunions are way too expensive.  And I wanted to go see REM live so badly, but they broke up before I had the chance.  Often I feel like when some bands DO get back together... something's off.  Like it's not quite as good as it used to be.  So sometimes I do that little daydream in my mind - what band would I get back together for that one awesome concert?   I usually go all out in these scenarios, I tend to choose not only bands that have long disbanded, but some of them are dead or in other groups or whatnot.  In my scenario, it's going to be awesome, so there's no way I'm disappointed.  So I just choose a time period, maybe a place, and then wish myself there with my daydream magic.  I think if I got to choose one reunion I'd love to see in my ideal scenario I'd choose The Beatles in probably early 1963 - maybe one of the last times they went back to The Cavern Club.  I'd want them at their performing peak, if you will, in a setting that you can't recreate these days.  You don't have to get that elaborate, of course, but anyway, what about you?  If you could bring back one band, alive or dead, together or broken up, for one ideal night of awesomeness - what would it be?  Tell me your answers here in our survey and we'll talk about em on the air.

Reunionly yours,

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