A new survey finds bullying is not just a neighborhood or schoolyard problem for kids; it's also a problem facing many adults in the workplace. 
A new survey commissioned by CareerBuilder shows 28 percent of workers reported they have felt bullied at work, and nearly one in five of those workers left their jobs because of it. According to the survey, 45 percent of those who felt bullied said the main culprit was the boss, while 25 percent said the person was higher up in the organization, but not the boss. Forty-six percent of those bullied fingered a co-worker.

More than half of staffers who were bullied said the aggressor was someone older, while 25 percent were bullied by someone younger.  Forty-eight percent of workers who were bullied at work confronted the person to try and stop it from happening again. Of those workers, 45 percent said they were successful, while 44 percent said it made no difference and 11 percent said the situation worsened. Nearly one-third of those who reported being bullied said they reported the treatment to their human resources department, but more than half of those who did, 58 percent, said no action was taken.

Respondents reported a number of ways they felt bullied while on the job, including:

--Falsely accused of mistakes he/she didn't make, 43 percent
--Comments were ignored, dismissed or not acknowledged, 41 percent
--A different set of standards or policies was used for the worker, 37 percent
--Gossip was spread about the worker, 34 percent
--Constantly criticized by the boss or co-workers, 32 percent
--Belittling comments were made about the person's work during meetings, 29 percent
--Yelled at by the boss in front of co-workers, 27 percent
--Purposely excluded from projects or meetings, 20 percent
--Credit for his/her work was stolen, 20 percent
--Picked on for personal attributes (race, gender, appearance, etc.), 20 percent

The nationwide survey was conducted online by Harris Poll from May 13 to June 6, 2014, and included a representative sample of 3,372 full-time, private sector workers across industries and company sizes.

So since this survey says so many of us have dealt with this, I thought I'd ask you guys to weigh in (you can do it anonymously, don't worry) with your experiences in this topic.  Enquiring Minds want to know:  have you ever felt bullied at work?  What happened, and how was it dealt with? Tell me your stories and I'll share your answers on the air!

Bullyingly yours,