Over the weekend, Ashton Kutcher donned a cowboy hat and a plaid shirt — again — to catch Kenny Chesney‘s show in Anaheim, Calif. The self-professed country music fan was having a good time until paparazzi from X17 started snapping photos of him. Whether he was irritated or feeling playful, we’re not sure, but Kutcher chased away the cameras by splashing a bottle of water on them.

Ever since his misinterpreted performance and over-the-top country attire at the ACM awards in April, country stars and fans have been wary of the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star’s devotion to the genre. Before presenting Miranda Lambert with the Female Vocalist of the Year award, Kutcher came onstage wearing a black cowboy hat and an exaggerated red blazer. Just to ham it up for the crowd, he even sang a bit of George Strait‘s ‘I Cross My Heart’ before presenting the award.

Not one to sit back quietly while someone makes fun of her friends, Lambert took to Twitter to confront the 34-year-old actor about the situation. Justin Moore joined in, saying that he didn’t appreciate Kutcher making fun of the way country artists dress. The actor quickly responded, hoping to clear the air by assuring that he is a big country music fan.

Lambert and the actor met face to face again soon after the incident, and smoothed things over — even taking a friendly photo together. But country music fans aren’t as quick to forgive, and many have a hard time believing that the small screen star is really all that country. Buying tickets to see Chesney play in California is one way to prove naysayers wrong, but we’re really not sure what to think of Kutcher’s bizarre water-throwing actions. Maybe he’s just tired of everyone saying he’s not a true country music fan.