The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is celebrating Drinking Water Week. 

Now when I was a kid, I was not a water drinker. I wanted Kool Aid, I wanted juice, I wanted soda.  Pretty much continued on the same way as I grew up, although I grew to appreciate milk more often as I got older.  I don't know what it is when you're young.  Or maybe that's what it was like in the 80's/90's for us.  I think I see kids nowadays drinking more water.  And now, that's pretty much all I drink at work.

I have a big water juglet type thing in my studio and another bottle in my office.  I think I probably refill them maybe twice a day.  So I don't know if I'm drinking the right amount, but I know what I'm not drinking.  And that's soda.  There's one in the fridge but I haven't touched it in weeks.  I've gotten to the point these past couple of years that I don't even really want soda.  I get so I crave cold water.

Husbando wants to drink water, but needs flavoring and caffeine. So he actually had me buy caffeinated water.  Yes, that's a thing. So he puts his little flavor packets in the caffeinated water and goes about his business.

So whether you're like me and just drink it straight, or like Husbando and need a little somethin extra, take a minute to think about it this week.  Water is so important to our everyday lives, and it's just something we feel entitled to.  We expect it to just be there, all the time.  After all, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources:

Drinking Water Week, May 2-8, recognizes the essential role drinking water plays in our daily lives, with the theme “There when you need it.” Most of us turn on our faucets and expect a plentiful supply of clean, safe water to come out. Water, one of our most precious natural resources, is too often taken for granted.


So take a little extra effort this week and drink more water!

Hydratingly yours,

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