A Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium ranks high on ESPN's list of the best NFL Stadiums to watch a game at. ESPN was rather scientific with their poll talking to 31 NFL Nation reporters, then considering atmosphere, features, traditions, tailgating, location, cost and history into their equation. Arrowhead stadium ranks third, largely due to the tailgating.

Here's what ESPN says is good about the experience:

Tailgating. The Truman Sports Complex is home to both the NFL's Chiefs and MLB's Royals, and while there might not be much around other than freeways, the expanse of the combined lots leaves plenty of room for tailgating. The smell of BBQ from the parking lot in hot weather or cold will stick with you. With stomachs full, Chiefs fans have always been a raucous group and, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, they achieved the loudest crowd roar in a sports stadium with a measurement of 142.2 decibels during a game against the Patriots in 2014.

As for what they didn't like about the experience. They dwell somewhat on location. You can even see the poke they take at that in what they say is "good" about the experience. Also they point out the Chiefs historical lack of success at the stadium.

Here's the thing. I get where if you're driving in to Kansas City to see a game as part of a weekend getaway it might be easier to to have everything right downtown. You can stay downtown. You can play downtown. And you walk to the game. Sure, that's great for tourists.

Is it great for anyone in Kansas City, or even anyone from Sedalia or Warrensburg going to the game who isn't making a weekend of it?

I haven't heard anyone say much of anything good about going to the T-Mobile Center (formerly Sprint Center) for a show. Mostly just what a pain the congestion is and how difficult it is to park. You discuss the prospect of the Royals building a ball park in down town and that's most frequently mentioned issue. So I expect it would be the same with the Chiefs. Plus, in many urban areas where parking is harder, so is tailgating.

There's also something to be said for the Truman Sports Complex. It's the perfect example of late twentieth century sports architecture. When there isn't construction it's easy to get to. Parking isn't that difficult, And at this point it's part of the history and tradition of both Chiefs Football and Royals Baseball.

The Truman Sports Complex might not be the most visually pleasing place to see a game. There's no great skyline. There's acres and acres of parking lots. And to an extent it's form follows function. However it's not one of those cement ashtrays that were built for Eagles, Steelers or Bengals that have all been torn down. It's a handsome stadium that can get plenty loud. And with Patrick Mahomes as our QB, our lack of success may well be a thing of the past too.

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