Well what do we have here?  Once again the Kansas City Chiefs are in first place in their division.  Solid 8-4 record.  One game back from the best record in the AFC.  And believe it or not...its the defense that has been carrying them in the past 5 games.  Seriously.

In the past 5 games, the defense is only giving up 11 points a game.  If that continues, that is a Super Bowl caliber defense.  They defeated the Packers, Raiders, Broncos, Cowboys, and Giants.  2 division rivals, 2 playoff teams in the NFC and the Giants.  Lets keep the momentum going.

Now is it possible that the offense could be the problem now? Who would have ever thought that.  Would you believe the Chiefs’ 267 total yards of offense against the Broncos is their third-lowest total with Mahomes at quarterback? And that two of their three lowest with Mahomes at quarterback have come in the last month? Well I am not worried for a few reasons.

First, Patrick Mahomes is learning that he does not have to win every game by himself.  He has a lot of weapons at his disposal.  Tyreek Hill, Kelce, an improving offensive line.  Just be smarter with the football, keep the interceptions to a minimum.

The fear is that as well as the defense is playing, the Chiefs’ four opponents that are currently in the AFC playoff picture have scored an average of 32.3 points. The Chiefs will need more than this from the offense, and the offense is working on months of evidence that it can’t solve a Cover 2.

I hope that Josh Gordon can stay healthy, and out of trouble, because he could be an amazing 3rd option for the offense.  Chris Jones is playing great on the defensive line.  Move him around and utilize his talents.  Once you get into the playoffs, anything can happen.

You never want to apologize for a win, however it happens.  If Mahomes only throws for 250 yards, and the team wins, great!   Andy Reid has proven he can get the team ready.  They don't play a murder's row of teams coming up.  And they are starting to find ways to win.  I have more faith now, than I did earlier in the season, when the team could not stop anyone on defense.  It could be a fun few weeks to see this team march to the post season.  Maybe this team is ready for another run to the Super Bowl.  Let's Go Chiefs!

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