There was a day when you could drive through neighborhoods and you would find bargains galore. Are they as popular as they used to be?

You need to make room for your summer clothes and summer activities. You dig through the closet and the dresser and pull out everything you swear you can live without. You borrow hangers, tables, you advertise in the paper and hang signs around the neighborhood notifying prospective buyers of your upcoming sale.

You incorportate clothes from your sister, your mom and your best friend. You take off work and get up at o'dark thirty to get everything set up just in time to hear a clap of thunder and you then look at your phone. The forecast says heavy showers throughout the day with gusty winds. what?

Many are turning to selling those unwanted items online. No extra out of pocket cost like you would encounter with a garage sale. Easy peasy.

So what's your plan of action the next time you think you need to have a garage sale?

spring clothes garage sale

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