I am an Air Force Brat and proud of it. Many of my greatest memories were seeing airshows, such as Wings Over Whiteman. When I lived in Ramstein and Whiteman Air Force Base, I had the chance to see so many great flying teams, The Thunderbirds, The Blue Angels, Canadian Snowbirds, The Tricoloris, A-10 Demonstration Teams just to name a few.

While you enjoy Wings Over Whiteman, I got to talking with one of my media friends, Randy Kirby, about some of the media flights we have done. I have not had a chance to fly with any of the aforementioned groups, but the one aerobatic team that I did get up and close and personal on two occasions, was the glorious Red Baron Stearman Squadron.

There is something special about seeing the majesty of seeing bi-planes in the air performing stunts, such as barrel rolls and the fan favorite hammerhead in diamond formation.

I recall getting the chance to fly with the Red Barons, once on a solo flight and the other time in formation. It was amazing to be in an open cockpit and feeling the wind in your face. I recall I was in the trusty hands of pilot Bryan Regan one of those flights. He was the lead pilot if I recall correctly and knew the inside and out of those planes. Here is a peak at what it was like.

The Red Baron Squadron sadly disbanded and last flew in 2007. I think it would be amazing to see them come together again 10 years after they were stopped. They may not have had the flashiness or speed of the supersonic jets, but I can tell you from personal experience, when they asked if I wanted to fly with them, the hammerheads and turns were much better than being on a roller coaster and I'd give anything to see them do it again.

The old planes, especially the Tora, Tora, Tora demonstration teams, the Commemorative Air Force are some of my favorites. These planes are not getting any younger and who knows how much longer they'll fly. I certainly salute those who restore and maintain and show off their planes and yes I still love seeing the newest and best of today's Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines.

Now get out there and enjoy Wings Over Whiteman with the Thunderbirds and we're lucky enough to have the Blue Angels perform in Kansas City in August.

There's nothing like a good air show!