I got sent some photos the other day, and I just about lost it at the total cuteness. 

We all have heard about how we can do our part to stop the spread of Coronavirus.  Mostly washing your hands, keeping your distance, and staying home.  Well, one little boy decided to take matters a little farther last week and it was just adorable.  This is Thomas Jenkins, and he's a sixth grader at Sacred Heart.  He donned the "Rexie" costume and decided to remind people to go home.


Thomas said, "I like to dance around and make people happy. We recently saw other T-Rexes making appearances on Facebook, and I wanted to get in on the fun and show off my bad dancing moves."


Sure I'm a little late since it happened last week, but hey, I'm all about this all day every day.  Who doesn't like a random laugh in the afternoon.


He said the waves and honks made his time out dancing pretty great.


He did a good thing last week, I say.  And why not have a little fun with it? Aren't we all going a little crazy with all this stuff? Typical, isn't it, that kids have to remind us about what's really important.  I say, go and dance your heart out, kiddo.  Kinda makes me jealous of the suit, though.

Dancingly yours,

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