When the pandemic hit, many restaurants closed their doors for a period of time.  Obviously this affected many in the service industry.  Some restaurants were able to weather the storm, and figure out a way to survive.  If that meant providing carry out options, or limited seating, they figured out a way.  A lot of non-chain restaurants were not able to survive.  Mighty Melt, closed for a while, then came back under new ownership.

Well another popular Sedalia restaurant has closed their doors and they claim it was because they could not recover from the affects of COVID. That would be the Golden Corral in Sedalia on Broadway.


I have eaten there on several occasions and found out that some of the employees were fans of our stations.  I usually liked to go there for their breakfast buffet.  I suspect many of us received those coupons in the mail, and I enjoy their breakfast.  Plenty of options, they would make you a fresh omelet, and you could get fresh fruit, beverages, and I always left full.  Since the sign on the door says that they are closed permanently, I can only speculate that they just didn't bring in enough revenue to stay open.

I never stopped by lunch or dinner, because my schedule just didn't line up that way.  I have been told that it was a hit or miss as to how the food was.  Some people have said their steak was pretty good, some have been underwhelmed.  I can only say I had zero issues with their breakfast buffet.

I wonder how long this location will stay vacant and if another place will come in and take over.  There is a new restaurant opening where the Denny's was, and I am anxious to see what that will be.

Did you enjoy food at the Golden Corral? Are you sad to see them going away?  What restaurant would you like to see take its place?  I hope all of the staff who worked there will be able to find work elsewhere.  The restaurant's Facebook page link is HERE.

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